well? has anything thought about opening this up again? maybe with a new owner? many staff members have voted against Rockit being the owner any longer..but, It makes me really sad having all my dreams crushed with the cpps being closed and everything and i dont want to crush everyone elses dreams too, so does somebody want to make this with me? maybe if we could get like a 100 comments from people supporting us we could open it up? if you guys still want too? i mean, it might be hard without the same number of staff and other people, but trust me, this will become real with some new management (and, well, without rockitraptor). this cant just stay here like this, i feel really used and cheated on. so this would  kinda help us all feel better.


I recently talked with Rockit, and we are just closing penguin fire for now. Its too much work to make it such an advanced CPPS..and we can’t find the time to open it into something else..

Applications will be closed, and the site will be left..If we come back. There is also a note on the Play page. Rockit might post something official on the forums..

The forums are open, and we will be on that alot. The link is penguinfire.forumotion.co.uk


The real Final Countdown

Ok, Rockit has her final decision.

Penguin Fire will become a CP cheats site. We will be removing some staff, So I apologize. But, Any current staff that can be an author/editor or something, Please comment!

Currently I am making new backgrounds and headers for the site, But I do have a question, Should we keep the name and fire theme?


The Final Countdown..

Allright. Since PF has been overlly too much work to handle for the staff, and A.C.T.A is putting all cpps’s in danger, PF will either become a CP Cheating website or a Gaming website! I will post when Rockit has her final desicion!